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William & Caroline Adamson Family Scholarship - Bill Adamson (LHS Class of 1951) was born and raised in Rochester, the son of Joe and Helen Adamson. His father graduated from Heffron High School in 1921 (Heffron was the forerunner of Lourdes High School). As children of Irish decent, Catholic education was very important to the Adamson family; a solid education was deemed essential to leading an adult Christian life. Bill and Carrie’s four children - Joe (1983), Michael (1984), Michon Schaefer (1986), and Patrick (1988), all attended St. John’s Elementary School and graduated from Lourdes High School. In 2007-2008, ten grandchildren represented the 4th generation of Adamson’s attending Rochester Catholic Schools. The Adamson philosophy has always been to support the church, school, and community both physically and financially. With the establishment of this scholarship in 2007, the family wishes to continue that goal by providing tuition assistance to worthy Lourdes students.

Thomas Michael Armstead Scholarship - This scholarship is established in memory of Mike Armstead at the time of his passing. The Armstead's children attended St. Francis Elementary School and Lourdes High School. His wife, Therese, is an Emeritus Board Member of Lourdes Foundation, and they both are long time supporters of Catholic education in Rochester. Mike attended Catholic grade school and high school in Springfield, IL. He also received his BS in Electrical Engineering from Marquette University in 1982. The Catholic community was a great support to Mike in his life journey.

The Tony Amato Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship was established in memory of Tony Amato, a 2003 Lourdes graduate. Tony, who died at the age of 26, attended both St Pius X and Lourdes High School. Tony valued the friendships and the education he received as a student of the Rochester Catholic Schools.

Javon and Vita Bea Family Scholarship - This scholarship is established by Javon & Vita Bea in memory of their oldest daughter, Sara, who passed away at age 27 in 2003. Sara inspired others to face the challenges placed before them and had a strong work ethic. The Bea’s desire for this scholarship is to help students with special needs attend Lourdes High School.

Javon and Vita Bea have six children, five of who attended Lourdes High School. Sara who is now deceased was the eldest and attended public school due to her severe disabilities. Rebecca (Bea) Remick, ’96, Maria (Bea) Neuner, ’98, Joanna (Bea) Benning, ’04, Theresa (Bea) Halverson, ’06, and Javon Daniel Bea, ’10. The family hopes that a student with a disability can be positively impacted and given the opportunity to flourish at Lourdes High School with the aid from this scholarship.

Dan and Dorothy Bell Scholarship -This scholarship was started by Dan and Dorothy Bell in October of 2014. Dan taught English at Lourdes during the late 60’s and early 70’s. Dorothy was on the St. John the Evangelist’s HSA, the school board and served for a number of years as a board member of the Lourdes Foundation. The Bells have five children who went through the RCS system all graduating from Lourdes High School; Elissa ’91, twins Alex and Davin’94, Andrea ’97 and Ingrid in ’01.

The Bells feel that Lourdes High School prepared their children well for college and beyond, and would like to help other students have the opportunities their children had.

Bigler Family Scholarship - Established by Jeff and Marnie Bigler in 2017, this scholarship is for students of a coach or faculty member and in grades K-12 at Rochester Catholic Schools.

The Art and Maryann Birdseye Tribute Scholarship - This scholarship was started by Art Birdseye and daughter, Barb Jensen, April 2012 when Maryann Birdseye died of cancer.

Michael Birdseye Memorial Scholarship - Michael “Biker” Birdseye died of natural causes on his 43rd birthday in November 2005. He was a 1981 graduate of Lourdes High School. This scholarship was established in loving memory by his family and friends.

Michael (Biker) loved football and played on the 1979 LHS team that won the state championship. After high school he attended the University of St. Thomas and graduated with a major in entrepreneurship. He was proud of being a Big Brother at the Rochester YMCA and providing many opportunities for his “boys.” He loved to fish and camp, and travel to Nicaragua. Most of all he enjoyed spending time with his family and friends. He was known for his warm heart and big smile!

E. Elliott Briese Memorial Scholarship - Established in 1992 in memory of E. Elliott Briese who generously gave his talents and resources to Lourdes High School.

Henry J. Bromelkamp Memorial Scholarship - Established at the time of Hank Bromelkamp’s death in 1997 and funded by his wife Elaine, their nine sons, and through memorials. Mr. Bromelkamp dedicated his life to family, church, community, and education. He was instrumental in obtaining free busing from the State of Minnesota for private school students.

Donald P. and Catherine A. Buske Scholarship - This memorial Scholarship was established in 2008 to honor Donald and Catherine Buske. They were active in the Rochester Catholic School Community and strongly believed in the value of Catholic education. All four of their children attended Catholic schools in Rochester and graduated from Lourdes High School. Both Donald and Catherine gave generously of their time and talent.

Gene Campbell Scholarship - Established in recognition of the many years of service that Gene. Campbell gave to the Lourdes High School hockey program as a coach and mentor. Mr. Campbell was head hockey coach at Lourdes from 1982 through 1996. Besides success on the ice, his teams represented Lourdes well through their commitment, dedication, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

Will Canan - Class of 2016 Scholarship - This scholarship was established anonymously in 2013 to honor Will Canan’s memory. Will was diagnosed with brain cancer at age 6 and battled this disease for 8 ½ years before it took his life on October 11, 2012.

Will’s incredible courage, humility, faith and sense of humor inspired many people including those whom he never met. One of his final goals was to attend Lourdes High School which he was able to do for the first two days of school in 2012 as a 9th grader. As a LHS staff member told him, “you will always be a Lourdes Eagle!" The Class of 2016 created a scholarship to leave a legacy and help other students attend Lourdes High School. The students chose to name their scholarship after Will Canan, in memory of their classmate. The combined scholarship is now the Will Canan - Class of 2016 Scholarship.

William F. Canfield Memorial Scholarship – The William F. Canfield Memorial Scholarship was established following Mr. Canfield’s death in April 2007. He was a 1949 graduate of Lourdes High School and later taught at St. Pius X and St. John’s elementary schools. In subsequent years he served as a member of the Lourdes High School Board. He believed in Catholic education for all that desired it. His wife, Rosalie (Class of 1950), children Bill (1972), Linda (1975), and Michael (1976), and grandchildren Tony (2004) and Anna (2007) followed him as LHS graduates. Family members and memorials from friends funded the scholarship which will be awarded for the first time for the 2008-2009 school year.

Marc and Helen Carpenter Scholarship - Established by Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter in 2005 to perpetuate their strong belief in the value of Catholic education. In 1955 Marc and Helen owned and operated the Marlem Marine & Sporting Goods Company in St. Paul, but relocated to Rochester where they purchased a wholesale beverage company and later opened Marlem Investment Company. They always felt Lourdes was a very fine institution and valued the quality of education it offered. This was one of the reasons they moved to Rochester. Their two daughters, Mary and Sue, are graduates of Lourdes. Mr. Carpenter was one of the earliest members of the Lourdes Foundation Board of Directors. He served for many years and was an emeritus member.

Mike Carroll Tribute Scholarship - This scholarship is being developed in recognition of Mike Carroll’s 27 years of service to the athletes and students of the Rochester Catholic Schools community. For 15 years Mike taught Religion, History, Civics, Geography, Physical Education and Business Law and impacted the lives of each student that entered his classroom. He coached for more than 27 years as a freshman and B-Squad Football coach, Girls B-Squad Basketball coach and freshman and B-Squad baseball coach. It is because of Mike’s dedication to his students and athletes that his family, Kathy, John-Howard (’01), Fae (’02) and Tim (’03) have started this scholarship in Mike’s name. Mike has always believed that any student wishing to continue their education at Lourdes High School should not be denied that right due to financial restrictions.

Vincent Cashman Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship was established in 1987 in honor of Mr. Vincent Cashman, who was a loyal supporter of Lourdes High School. All of the Cashman's children graduated from Lourdes. The scholarship is awarded to an incoming freshman from St. John’s Grade School.

Class Scholarships

Class of 1953 Scholarship – Established to commemorate the 50th class reunion of the Class of 1953 to promote quality Catholic education and the perpetuity of Lourdes High School.

Class of 1954 Scholarship – Established by the Class of 1954 on the occasion of their 50th class reunion with funds raised especially through the efforts of classmate, Mr. Don Fox. The Class wished to support students today in obtaining a Catholic value based education.

Class of 1955 ScholarshipThis scholarship was established by graduates of the Lourdes High School Class of 1955 on the occasion of their 40th class reunion. Members of the class wish to provide to today’s students the same opportunity they had to obtain a Catholic value based education at Lourdes High School.

Classes of 1959, 1960, and 1969 scholarships - These classes have established scholarships to promote Catholic education.

Class of 1961 Scholarship - This scholarship was established by graduates of Lourdes High School Class of 1961 on the occasion of their 50th class reunion in 2011. Then in 2012, the Class of 1961 wanted to make their scholarship awardable before the new school opened. A letter writing campaign went out to all the classmates stating that there were some anonymous classmates that would match their gifts if given before March 31, 2013, and they succeeded in their goal. The Class of 1961 stated that the reason they wanted to fund this scholarship was to provide to today’s students the same opportunities they had to obtain a Catholic value based education at Lourdes.

Class of 1964 Scholarship - This scholarship was started by a generous anonymous donor offering to match dollar for dollar any donation to the scholarship, and was established by the graduates of the class of 1964 on occasion of their 50th class reunion.

Class of 1967 Scholarship - This scholarship, established by the Class of 1967, helps make an exceptional, Catholic education possible for families with students at Lourdes High School.

Class of 1968 Scholarship - This scholarship, established by the Class of 1968, helps make an exceptional, Catholic education possible for families with students at Lourdes High School.

Class of 1976 Scholarship - Established by graduates of the Class of 1976, this scholarship helps make an exceptional, Catholic education possible for families with students at Lourdes High School.

Class of 1991 Scholarship - This scholarship, established by the Class of 1991, helps make an exceptional, Catholic education possible for families with students at Lourdes High School.

Class of 2014 Wyatt Currie Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship was fully funded in May 2014 after a five month effort by the LHS Class of 2014. This was the first class in Lourdes High School history to ever have fully funded their class scholarship before their graduation.

The LHS Class of 2014 had also lost a classmate during their sophomore year. They choose to remember Wyatt Currie ’14 by including him in the naming of the scholarship.

Will Canan - Class of 2016 Scholarship - This scholarship was started by an anonymous donor in 2013 as a memorial scholarship to Will Canan. Will fought a courageous battle with brain cancer for eight and a half years from age 6 until it took his life on October 11, 2012. The Class of 2016 created a scholarship during their senior year and voted to name it after their classmate Will. Will had gone through eight years at St. Francis of Assisi Elementary school with this class. The scholarship was then renamed to the Will Canan – Class of 2016 Scholarship. Will’s incredible courage, humility, faith and sense of humor inspired many people, including those whom he never met. One of his final goals was to attend Lourdes High School, which he did for the first two days of school in 2012 as a ninth grader. A Lourdes High School staff member told him, “you will always be a Lourdes Eagle!”

Class of 2018 Scholarship - This scholarship, established by the Class of 2018, helps make an exceptional, Catholic education possible for families with students at Lourdes High School.

Margaret & Robert M. Conway Scholarship – Established in 2001, by Robert Conway, Lourdes High School Class of 1962, to honor his parents’ commitment to Catholic education.

Yvonne and Leonard Cronin Family Scholarship - In gratitude and thanksgiving for our Catholic faith and the Rochester Catholic Schools assisting in the growth of faith and providing a great education for our children: Patrick, Paul and Ann, we establish a fully funded scholarship for students of the Rochester Catholic Schools. In doing so, we would like to give others the opportunity to attend Rochester Catholic Schools to receive an education and benefits like our family has received. We anticipate that the students receiving this scholarship have a strong Catholic faith open to growth and witnessing with a strong desire to do their best in their academics. Additionally, we will be supportive to them through prayer to keep them valuing themselves, their faith and their education.

Jim and Judy Daly Memorial Scholarship - Fully funded in 2011 after Jim’s death, The Jim & Judy Daly Scholarship recognizes a student already in the private school system who possesses an outstanding attitude and exhibits strong efforts to improve in all areas of life. Jim (Lourdes `56) and his wife Judy, taught, valued and rewarded hard work, as they raised six children who all graduated from Lourdes. Terry ’80, Tom ’84, Tim ’85, Molly ’89 Jim ’91, & Kelley ’94. It is the family’s wish that the recipient be well rounded with strong Catholic values, is loyal and wants to go to college. The recipient of the scholarship desires to overcome his or her academic challenges and above all else, exhibits an unwavering positive attitude and deep personal integrity.

Kevin Dee Memorial Scholarship- Established in honor of Kevin Dee, a 1978 Lourdes High School graduate, who died in an auto accident shortly after graduation.

Deutsch ScholarshipEstablished in honor of Jim and Gervais Deutsch, who dedicated their lives to their family, the community, and Catholic education. Jim, fondly known as “Big Daddy,” was instrumental in the Lourdes High School golf program. Jim and Gervais have been avid supporters of Lourdes High School athletics and activities.

The Hank Doran/Kenan Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship was established in honor of Henry “Hank” Doran ’54, after his death on January 24, 2007 by his wife, Mary Clare (Kenan) Doran '54 and the family. The Doran and Kenan families have a long history of Lourdes graduates spanning three generations. Hank and Mary were high school sweethearts who both sent to Lourdes High School by widowed mothers. The quality faith-based education from Lourdes gave them a good start in life and this is what they want other students to have through this scholarship. Mary became a nurse and Hank’s career was at IBM.

Peg Kenan ‘59, who passed away in 2016, also went on to be a nurse. She was always ready to help others, especially her nieces and nephews, and has supported the scholarship’s growth. The third generation of Lourdes graduates includes the grandchildren and grand nephews. This generation appreciates the excellent college preparation they got at Lourdes. All the family is grateful for the lifelong friends and greater community they are a part of as Lourdes graduates.

Third Generation

Jim Luck-1998 - Iowa State, Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Eddie Luck - 2000 - University of Wisconsin-Eau Clare, Management Information Systems

Matt Luck -2002 - Iowa State, Construction Engineering

Tom Garvey - 2002 - University of Wisconsin-Madison, undergrad and Medical School

Patrick Garvey - 2004 - University of Wisconsin-Madison, Industrial Engineering

Sean Garvey - 2008 - University of Wisconsin-Madison, Industrial Engineering

Elda Dorsey and Geraldina Lawson Memorial Scholarship - Fully funded in 2010 by John and Maureen Lawson in honor of both of their mothers who had since passed away. John and Maureen are big supporters of LHS and the Lourdes Foundation with John Lawson currently a foundation board members.

Benedict & Eloise Dresbach Memorial Scholarship – From 1947 until 1978 Benny and Eloise Dresbach owned the popular teen hangout in Rochester, the R-Tic Root Beer Stand, more commonly known as “Benny’s.” Teenagers loved to hang out there, and Benny and Eloise truly loved Rochester’s young people.

While they had no children of their own, they were committed to Catholic education. This scholarship was established from a generous estate bequest at the time of their deaths.

Kenneth Lee Drew '58 Scholarship - Established in 2017 in honor of Kenneth Lee Drew, a 1958 graduate of Lourdes High School. This scholarship helps make an education at Rochester Catholic Schools possible for families with students in preschool through high school.

Mary Beth Droessler Memorial Scholarship - Mary Beth Droessler, Steve Kunkel’s sister, passed away in 2014 after a battle with cancer. This scholarship was established by the Kunkel family in her memory. Mary Beth was a staunch supporter of parochial education and a very faith filled woman. She sent all six of her children to parochial school.

Steve and Sharon Kunkel both grew up attending Catholic schools in Iowa. Their three children all went through Holy Spirit Elementary School and graduated from Lourdes High School; Sarah ’04, Stephanie ’06, and Sheldon ‘09. Sheldon married classmate Emily Elwood ’09. Mary Beth was also Sheldon’s Godmother. The Kunkels’ value the Rochester Catholic Schools and want to give back to help others have a Catholic education that was also important to Mary Beth.

Father Virgil Duellman Memorial Scholarship - Father Virgil Duellman served as associate and pastor at several Rochester parishes including St. Francis of Assisi, St. John the Evangelist, and St. Pius X. He was also a chaplain at St. Mary's Hospital for many years, becoming chaplain supervisor for all of the Rochester hospitals. Father was very dedicated to Catholic education. He was assigned by the Bishop to assist several diocesan schools including Lourdes High School. Father was well loved and respected by all those he worked with.

The Fr. Virgil S. Duellman Memorial Scholarship was funded through a generous endowment bequest presented to Lourdes Foundation in 2007.

Sherry (Rousseau '69) & Brad Eichhorst Scholarship - It’s time to give back! Watching our two grandchildren, Sam and Max Week, thrive at Holy Spirit, we established this scholarship in 2018 to give other children the opportunity to reap the benefits of a Catholic education.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill

Gene Eiden Scholarship - Established in 1995, and funded by local organizations, clubs, and individuals to honor Gene Eiden who has given so much to Lourdes High School and the Rochester community in time and music support when called upon.

Paula Elder Scholarship – Established in memory of Paula Elder, a great mom, loving wife, avid sports fan, and supporter of Rochester Catholic Schools. It was funded by her husband, Rob; sons, Al, Joe and Will; friends, and David, Mo, Chester and Beatrice Bahr of Hiller’s Flooring America.

Adam J. Ellingson ‘15 Memorial Scholarship - The Adam J. Ellingson ‘15 Memorial Scholarship was established and funded by family, friends, and community businesses following Adam’s passing on January 31, 2017. Adam, the son of David and Stacy Ellingson, and his siblings Katie ‘11 and Andrew ‘13, attended St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School and Lourdes High School (LHS).

Adam was an honor student and a member of the National Honor Society. He was a three-year letterman for LHS football and a member of the 2014 AAA Championship Team. He was also a four-year starter and letterman for the LHS baseball team. He received a scholarship to play baseball with the Minnesota State Mankato Mavericks following graduation where he converted from a catcher to a pitcher, and he was majoring in math with plans to pursue a career in actuarial science.

The Ellingson family is grateful for the education the RCS schools provided and for the guidance, love, and support the RCS community has shown them over the years. The friendships continue to bless their lives.
This scholarship will hopefully assist other families find a home in the Catholic school community. It will stand as a constant memory of Adam’s humor and quick smile that will never be forgotten by those who knew and loved him.

Kathleen Erickson Memorial ScholarshipEstablished to remember Kathleen Erickson, a loyal and active supporter of Lourdes, by her family and friends.

Paul E. & Jackie Feind Scholarship - Paul E. Feind ’61 was born and raised in Rochester and is a retired City of Rochester Police Officer. He attended St. John’s and St. Pius X elementary schools. Jackie was from Lanesboro and moved to Rochester where they met and were married at St. Pius X Church in 1963. Jackie passed away December 26, 2015 after a long and courageous battle with lung cancer.

Paul and Jackie’s daughter, Cindy, married Bill Reiland ’78. They have two daughters who also graduated from Lourdes, Christine ’06 and Stephanie ’09.

Paul's Catholic education was very important in his life and this scholarship will help thank the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi and the priests who taught him the values of life.

Fellow Student Scholarship - Established in 1995 by the LHS Student Council and funded by Lourdes students.

Lawrence Ferguson Family ScholarshipEstablished in 1996 through the generosity of the Lawrence Ferguson family whose children are graduates of Lourdes High School.

Gander Family Scholarship - Fully funded in 2010 by Bob & Linda Gander and their family. Bob ’73 and Linda ’73 Gander met while students at LHS. Bob said, “Don’t quote me but I think I got my first kiss from Linda in the commons in 1969 while having one of the famous Lourdes pizza burgers.”

Bob is quoted in the Spring 2010 Aquila:

“I really encourage each of you to start a scholarship in your family name. We started ours when I joined the Foundation Board. A fully scholarship is $10,000 and ours is now 70% fulfilled with the help of my family. I know our family will have a great feeling of satisfaction when this is complete. This has been an effort by all of us to build this tuition assistance fund for Lourdes Students. In addition, a great way to help future students to join the Lourdes foundation’s Round Table Program Foundation.

What a great feeling it is to know that you have made a difference in a young person’s life, it’s a feeling that just plain feels good!”

Ron and Helen Gathje Tribute Scholarship - The Ron and Helen Gathje Tuition scholarship will assist a student and family with tuition costs. Ron Gathje passed away on August 24, 2011 after a three year battle with lung cancer and it was decided by his wife Helen (Weis, class of l952) and family to start this in his memory and in her honor. Ron was a sheet metal worker who along with his wife Helen put their five sons, Steve(‘73), Pete(‘75), John(‘81), Jim(‘82), Mike(‘84) and daughter Donna (Mueller,’78) through St Pius grade school and LHS. They sacrificed a lot, but never complained knowing how important a Catholic education was. They were always very involved in their children and grandchildren’s activities from sports to music to theater. So in order to honor their hard work, faithful support, sacrifice and dedication to their children in obtaining a Catholic education, his family and friends would like to keep paying it forward through this scholarship. Ron and Helen have been members of St. Pius X church since 1954.

"He didn't tell me how to live, he lived and let me watch him do it."- Charence Budington Kelland

Geisler Family Scholarship - Established by Tim and Kathy Geisler in 2017, this scholarship helps make an exceptional, Catholic education possible for families with students at Lourdes High School.

Sr. Jutta Gleichauf Tribute ScholarshipEstablished by Lourdes Foundation, Inc., to honor Sr. Jutta and her many years of service to Lourdes High School.

Sr. Jutta taught business classes at Lourdes High School from 1960 -66. She went on to get a Masters in Business Administration at Notre Dame. After working as a teacher and principal around the midwest, she returned in 1973 as the office manager at Lourdes where she remained until her retirement in 1999. She continues to be involved as a regular attendee at events. This scholarship was established by Lourdes Foundation to honors her 31 plus years of service.

Nestor & Ruth Goblirsch Scholarship Established in August 2003 to honor Ruth & Nestor Goblirsch who, while they had no children of their own, were great advocates of Catholic education.

Charles and Margaret Gray Scholarship - Established in 2010 to honor Charles and Margaret Gray for their avid support of Lourdes High School. Charles "Chuck" Gray a '46 graduate of Lourdes and Margaret were among the founders of the Lourdes Foundation. Their 4 children Barb '70, Pat '73, Kate '76 and Dan '81 all graduated from Lourdes.

Anne and Tom Haddad Family ScholarshipThe Anne and Tom Haddad Family Scholarship was established in 1991 by their children, Lourdes graduates Tufia ‘91, Holly ‘94, and Briana ‘98. In their memory and in support of their commitment to higher learning, Catholic education, and service in the community, the scholarship is awarded annually to a college-bound senior who exemplifies leadership, integrity, service and Catholic values. Anne and Tom led a faith-based and value-inspired life with a shared passion for science, arts, history and nature.

Colin Halleland '17 Memorial Scholarship - Colin attended Lourdes High School from 9th grade until graduation in 2017. He enjoyed history, was a member of the Lourdes hockey team for four years, and told us how he always enjoyed visiting with his teachers. Lourdes made a difference in Colin's life, and we, his grandparents, would like another student to have the opportunity to experience a high school setting where faith, academics, athletics, and relationships are important.

Father James Hayden Memorial Scholarship - Established in 1978 to honor the memory of Father Hayden, a youthful and vivacious priest, who was a Lourdes religion teacher.

Vince and Mary Herring Scholarship - This scholarship was established by family and friends at the time of Vince Herring’s sudden death on Valentine’s Day, 2013. The Catholic faith was central to the forty-five years of married life Vince and Mary enjoyed as partners in business and tending to the gardens and grotto they created on their property. Through their art gallery and picture framing business, they became involved in the Lourdes Auction and wanted their children, Kristen, Kendra and Kyle, to be a part of the Catholic community. Kristen ’88 first started in Catholic school and then her sister Kendra ‘90 joined her. Kyle attended elementary at St. Francis and St. John's. Through this scholarship, the family wishes to assist the educational pursuits of another student within the Catholic community. As entrepreneurs and artists they wish to inspire and encourage the scholarship recipient to dedicate themselves to achieving their goals and dreams.

The Dick and Beverly Hexum Family Scholarship- My grandparents, Dick and Beverly Hexum, have always had a strong faith and have consistently given back to the community whenever opportunity arises. That is exactly what they saw when they created this scholarship, an opportunity. The opportunity for a deserving candidate to have the privilege of attending Rochester Lourdes High School and getting a top notch faith based education. This is very important to my grandparents because they were able to see how my education and time at Lourdes High School has played a major role in shaping me into the person I am today.

I began attending Lourdes my sophomore year and can sum up my experience with one word, incredible. From the administration, faculty, staff, and coaches to the students, the school was just incredible for me. School and hockey taught me numerous life lessons while also creating lifelong memories and relationships with not only my fellow students, but also my teachers and coaches. Lourdes also prepared me for my college education tremendously by giving me the necessary tools and habits to succeed. It is a family that I will always be proud to be a part of, first as a student and now as alumni. – Charlie Hexum 2009 LHS Graduate

Holy Spirit School Scholarship
This scholarship, established in 2018, helps make an exceptional, Catholic education possible for families with students at Holy Spirit School.

Jerry Hrabe Scholarship - Jerry Hrabe was born and raised in Rochester, MN and attended both St. John and St. Francis elementary schoolsand graduated from Lourdes High School in 1961. After earning a B.A. at St. John's University in 1965, he spent two years in Malaysia as a peace corp member teaching English as a Foreign Language. He taught for a year at Pacelli High School in Austin, MN before joining the Lourdes High School staff. Jerry taught in both the English and Social Studies Departments before his retirement in 2008.

Marilynn Becker Johnson Memorial Scholarship - Established by Lowell Johnson and family in memory of Marilynn Becker Johnson, a 1946 Lourdes graduate.

Kapraun Family Scholarship – The Kapraun Family Scholarship was established in 2013 by the Kapraun children, Deborah, Gregory and Michelle (Kapraun) Marsh, along with friends, as a gift to Clarence and Barbara Kapraun on their 50th wedding anniversary on August 3, 2013.

This scholarship also honors the 50 years that Clarence Kapraun has spent as a Math and Science teacher at the middle school and community college levels. The Kapraun family has a strong history of supporting Catholic education and education in general. Clarence and Barbara both attended St. Joseph’s College in Rensselaer, Indiana. Clarence served as a Catholic School board president and member for their local Catholic schools. Deborah Kapraun, also a St. Joseph’s College graduate, is a secondary education teacher in Beijing, China. Michelle Marsh’s sons attended Bishop Dwenger Catholic High School of Fort Wayne, IN; Andrew ‘09 and Adam ‘13.

Greg and Sue Kapraun have been very active with the Rochester Catholic Schools programs and athletics. Both Sue and Greg are active volunteers. Sue served as President of the Home and School Association and Greg as a coach. Both of their sons attended RCS at Holy Spirit Grade School and Lourdes High School; Alex ‘11 and Kyle ‘13.

It is hoped that this scholarship continues to enable future families the ability to experience the excellence of academics and faith that a Catholic education can bring.

Earl “Bill” ’54 and Mary ’53 Kesler Family Scholarship
This scholarship was established in 2011 and awarded for the first time in 2012. Earl “Bill” Kesler ’54 and Mary ’53 met while students at Lourdes High School. All of their children; Brian ‘78, Pam ’79, Julie ‘81, Dan ‘85 and Mike ’91 are graduates of LHS and all are still active in their church and alumni events. Bill passed away on September 13, 2016, and Mary passed away on December 29, 2019.

The Kayla Koranda Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship was established in memory of Kayla Jill Koranda. Kayla was born and raised in Rochester Minnesota. She attended Holy Spirit grade school and graduated from Lourdes High School in 2013. Kayla died January 6th 2014. She was an honors nursing student at the University of Minnesota.

Kayla was very active at Lourdes in music and theater including: marching band, pep band, concert band, jazz band, and winter drumline. She was also active in drama club, plays, musicals, and art club.

Kayla was a compassionate, intelligent, selfless person whose light will shine on.

Gayle & Owen Korsmo Scholarship Established in memory of Gayle and her husband Owen, who were active members and leaders of the Catholic community in Rochester. They were among the founders of what is now Lourdes Foundation.

Mary Lou and John Kriss Memorial Scholarship - V. John Kriss established this scholarship in memory of his beloved wife Mary Lou who passed away in 2009. Mary Louise (Krumpelmann) Kriss graduated from Lourdes in 1958, as did her two brothers, John ’57 and Richard ’60 (deceased 2006). Mr. V. John Kriss was born and educated in New York through Catholic schools. He has been a strong supporter of Lourdes High School and Catholic education over the years. Mr. V. John Kriss and his wife Sandy made the initial gift to establish this scholarship in 2015.

Nick Kroska Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship is in recognition of Nicholas Kroska’s 16 years of service to Lourdes High School as an English teacher and coach of football, wrestling and track. The LHS scholarship will support students who need financial assistance and who follow Nick’s model of strong engagement with both academic and extracurricular activities.

Nick embraced a philosophy of lifelong learning. With every job and writing assignment, he felt the possibility for growing and extending his knowledge base. He loved learning about everything from natural resources to sports to politics. He reveled in all his life experiences.

Nick’s multifaceted commitment to learning focused on academics, athletics and the arts. His family hopes to foster that love of learning through this scholarship. To read more about Nick, click here.

Denise Kutzke Memorial Scholarship – Established in honor of Mrs. Kutzke who was teacher for 12 years at St. Francis School and the principal of St. John’s School for eight years at the time of her death from cancer in 2005. She was known for her tireless leadership and true love of working with children.

The Kvaternik Family Scholarship - This scholarship was started by Fritz Kvaternik in honor of his aunt, Sr. Adrine Kvaternik, a Benedictine Sister and teacher. It is also in honor of his Aunt Anne Kvaternik, a devout Catholic and a nurse who passed away in 2014. The scholarship was first awarded in 2012.

Kenneth and Alice Langdon Scholarship – Established in 2004 by Maxine Langdon in honor of her parents and the values they taught.

Kenneth Steven Langdon Memorial ScholarshipEstablished to honor Kenneth Steven Langdon his wife, Alice and daughter, Maxine, in December 1997.

Alice Nevenheim Langdon Scholarship – Established in 1998 by Maxine Langdon to honor her mother, Alice.

William B. Leary Family Scholarship - Fully funded in 2011, this scholarship was initiated in 2011 by the Leary Family in memory of William (Bill) Leary. Bill moved to Rochester with his family in 1957 and graduated from Lourdes High School in 1959. He and his wife, Jan were strong advocates of Catholic schools, and all three of their children graduated from Lourdes.

Dean and Mary Lent Family Scholarship - The Lent Family was active at Lourdes during the late ‘60s and ‘70s while their children attended. They volunteered for projects and attending many sport, musical and social events. Their boys were on the hockey team when it was started.

Dee Libera Scholarship - Established in 1996 by the Lourdes Foundation in tribute to Dolores Libera for 26 years of service to Catholic education.

Little Eagle Scholarship - Established in 2017, this scholarship makes an exceptional, faith-based education possible for younger students, in grades PreK-8, at Rochester Catholic Schools.

Michael & Mary Lose Family Scholarship - As strong supporters of Catholic education, Mike and Mary establish this scholarship in gratitude for the love, support, and education their two children received while attending Lourdes High School.

Mike and Mary both grew up with Catholic education in Iowa. They believe high school years are important for both college preparation and admission. They are thankful for the gift of a community of wonderful families who surrounded Andrew ’10 and Daniel ’07 as they went through St. John’s and Lourdes. Through this scholarship, established in 2016, they want to give another student the opportunity for that same foundation.

Lourdes Foundation Scholarships Established in 1993, using endowment funds held by Lourdes Foundation.

The Doug & Sue Luebbe Family Scholarship The Doug & Sue Luebbe Family Scholarship was established in 2017 to provide tuition assistance to worthy Rochester Catholic School students. The three Luebbe children, Lauren (Price) 2006, Kristen 2009, and John 2013, all attended St. John’s Elementary School and Lourdes High School. It is our belief that Rochester Catholic Schools gave them an excellent, well-rounded education, providing the foundation for successful college experiences and professional careers to follow. It’s our wish that recipients of this scholarship will value the educational opportunity they are being given, and apply themselves fully towards a successful future.

Teddi Ann (Hoffman) Maneth ’59 Memorial Scholarship - Teddi was born in the town of Mazzepa, MN in 1941 and following her graduation from Lourdes High School in 1959, she moved to Kansas where she met and married her husband, Paul. Though she remained in Kansas until her death in 2012, she always maintained close contact with her friends and relatives in Minnesota.

Teddi was strong in her Catholic faith and was active in her home parish. She had a great love of children and family. Catholic education for her grandchildren was very important to her.

Her family is pleased to establish this memorial scholarship in Teddi’s name to perpetuate her memory thru the giving to others an opportunity for a Catholic education.

Joe Mayer Scholarship - Established in 1995 to recognize Joe Mayer for his many years of leadership and dedication to the Lourdes community.

Mayhood Family Scholarship - The Mayhood Family scholarship was started in 2013 after David Mayhood’s 50 year reunion of the Class of 1963.

Robb McDonald Shakespearean ScholarshipEstablished in honor of Robb McDonald by his parents, Dr. & Mrs. Thomas McDonald, to support drama and fine arts students.

The Tom Murphy '69 Memorial Scholarship - Lourdes Alumnus Tom Murphy coached the Lourdes High School boys’ golf team for 29 years. During his legendary career; the Lourdes golf teams had 17 state tournament appearances, won 21 sub-section titles, 19 HVL conference championships, 7 Don Bosco conference titles, and an astonishing 6 state team championships. During that time, Tom coached four players to individual state championships.

Tom was inducted into the Minnesota Golf Coaches Hall of Fame in 2004 and into the Rochester Quarterbacks Club in 2008. In 2007, he was named the Rochester Amateur Sports Commission Coach of the Year. Tom was honored by the Lourdes Foundation as Outstanding Coach of 2008, when he was inducted into the Lourdes High School Sports Hall of Fame.

Jessica Murray Memorial Scholarship – Established to honor the memory of Jessica Murray who died in June 2002 while she was a junior at Lourdes High School. Jessica was especially admired for her spirit and courage during her year-long battle with bone cancer.

Fr. Paul Nelson '53 Scholarship - This scholarship was fully funded in 2011.

As his fifty year anniversary in the priesthood approached, Father Paul Nelson (LHS ’53) was encouraged by a long time friend, to put down some thoughts about his career of serving many as a priest. The culmination of his prayerful, heartwarming and spiritual experience is an outstanding book of memoirs and perspectives.

A Priest From The Prairies of Minnesota: The Memoirs of Father Paul Nelson, starts with his very early childhood stories of growing up on his parent’s dairy farm just south of Rochester, MN, and includes his very formative years at Lourdes High School, “What a wonderful education we received there,” he says, “thanks to the Sisters of St. Francis.” The book continues on to his half a century of celebrating the sacraments and being with people at the deepest, most sacred moments in their lives.

Fr. Paul’s journey as a priest has had many great joys, tragedies, and challenges and he brings us into his priestly life with sincere and astonishing honesty, as he shares his insights about our Catholic faith.

He has served in many roles during his priesthood, whether as an educator, administrator, friend or confessor (1,200 babies baptized, 1,500 couples married, he buried 2,000 friends and parishioners through the years and has heard 50,000 confessions).

Starting the memoirs in the early spring of 2010 and completing them in late summer of the same year, (“I committed myself to writing a page a day.”) Fr. Paul gives us wonderful glimpses, written in his own words, about his boyhood dreams. “I loved the farm, loved working with the animals and I stood in awe of the veterinarians when they visited the farm. If not for the priesthood, I would have likely become a vet.”

Not one to shy away from his opinions, or as he puts it, “There’s no sugar coating here.” Fr. Paul treats the reader to the many aspects of his daily life with his firm opinions, full of wisdom and hope, as he has tries to lead people into the mystery, into sacrament and into community. “This is the spirit that makes Christ live among us.”

Fr. Paul has witnessed profound changes during his fifty years in the priesthood. In regards to the pre-Vatican II church, he states. “Before Vatican II, people went to the priest for everything related to their faith. That attitude is rare in Catholics today, people are growing up, and they are taking responsibility for their lives, in my mind that is a wonderful thing.”

Lourdes Foundation honored Fr. Paul this past October by awarding him with the Alumnus of the Year Award 2011, recognition so richly deserved.

Because of his love and appreciation of the education he received at Lourdes High School, and realizing how strongly and positively it effected his life, and knowing the importance of Catholic education, has lead him to fully fund ($10,000) The Fr. Paul Nelson Scholarship with the proceeds that he has received from the sale of his book. This endowed scholarship will be awarded for the first time in the spring of 2012 and will be used for tuition assistance to help students continue their Catholic education at Lourdes.

Agnes & Ralph Nigon Scholarship – Established to honor Agnes and Ralph Nigon, who were both graduates of St. John’s High School, the predecessor of Lourdes High School. Ralph was the president of the first Lourdes High School Council. All nine of their children and several grandchildren are also Lourdes graduates.

Dennis Nigon '64 Tribute Scholarship - This scholarship was fully funded in 2011.

Denny Nigon stated, "Over the past forty-three years, I have had the privilege of serving Lourdes High School as a teacher, coach and administrator. It has been a professional lifetime of great challenge and greater joy! As I enter my retirement experience I can't help but feel great pride in the realization of how Lourdes High School has grown to become one of the most respected Catholic High Schools in the state of Minnesota. This growth is directly due to the tremendous loyal commitment of dedicated parents, teachers, benefactors and Rochester Catholic Parishes. There are few high schools that enjoy the sense of family and loyalty that

Lourdes alumni and present students and families share. The constant challenge of making quality Catholic education affordable to those that would choose it has been a priority for as long as I can remember.

The generosity and sacrifice of Lourdes families and benefactors has served as a catalyst for the success that we enjoy.

Without this sacrifice and generosity I am sure that Lourdes and in fact the Rochester Catholic School system would not exist today.

An exemplary example of this commitment comes in the story of the Lourdes Foundation. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have formed a lasting relationship with the Lourdes Foundation. Since it's establishment in 1974 the Lourdes Foundation (original name Lourdes Development Fund) has disbursed $1,335,783 in tuition assistance to

1,192 Lourdes students. This amount of tuition assistance has enabled Lourdes High School and the Rochester Catholic School system to meet the ever present challenge of rising tuition.

As I transition into retirement I pray in thanksgiving for all of the gifts that I have received as a student, teacher, coach and administrator at Lourdes High School. I am sure that with the building of the new Lourdes High School the tradition of commitment, loyalty and excellence in education will continue for many generations to follow. May Jesus live in our hearts forever and Our Lady of Lourdes protect us!"

2011 Denny Nigon with presentation of the Dennis L. Nigon Scholarship Certificate

Nonn Family Scholarship - This scholarship is in honor of the late Rosie and Jerome Nonn, parents of Gerry Nonn. Rosie passed away in 2013 and was a strong proponent of Catholic Education. She saw that all eight of her sons went to St. Francis Xavier School in Cross Plaines, Wisconsin where her husband Jerome also went to elementary school. Rosie generously supported the education of children in Central America during her lifetime.

Gerry and Mary Anne have three children. Rachel ‘06, Danielle ‘09, and Ryan ’16 are graduates of Lourdes High School and Holy Spirit. The Nonn’s are fans of everything Lourdes. This scholarship was started while Gerry served as President of Lourdes Foundation.

O'Brien Family Scholarship - Established November 2015. Sarah and Danny O’Brien are parents of twins, Michael and Steven, who graduated in 2015 and of Jack who is currently in 6th grade at St. Francis of Assisi where Sarah works in the school kitchen. Danny and Sarah are both volunteers and strong supporters for athletics at Lourdes High School and were honored with the 2015 Woodruff Award at the Annual Meeting of the Lourdes Foundation. In her acceptance speech, Sarah shared the strong influence Danny’s mother had in enrolling their children in Catholic school. This community has grown to be important to their family. Danny grew up in Houston, Texas, where he and his brother attended a Jesuit High School and his three sisters were at the Catholic high school for girls across the parking lot. His father worked six part-time jobs to pay their tuition. “We are very grateful we can do this and help others,” says Danny.

Daniel Paulson Memorial Scholarship - Established by the James Paulson family in memory of Dan, a 1979 graduate of Lourdes, who was fatally injured in an accident shortly after graduation.

Fr. Albert T. Perrizo Memorial ScholarshipEstablished in honor of Fr. Perrizo who was a priest in the Winona Diocese and served as administrator of Lourdes High School from 1943-1951. He influenced many people with his steady Catholic presence and jovial personality.

Bret & Karen Petersen Family Scholarship - Bret and Karen Petersen established this scholarship in appreciation for the faith based education and personal enrichment received by their three children, Claire Petersen McNeil ('05), Kirsten Petersen ('07) and Connor Bedford-Petersen ('10). We hope this scholarship assists future students in receiving similar lifetime benefits.

Ralph Peterson Memorial Scholarship - The Ralph Peterson Memorial Scholarship was established in 2008 by Dr. John Gould (1955 LHS graduate) to honor this former teacher and coach at Lourdes High School. In his own words, Dr. Gould comments on why he wanted to honor the legacy of Coach Peterson: “It may seem strange to establish a memorial scholarship for a coach/faculty member 50 years after he left Lourdes, especially as he was only on staff for five years. But Ralph Peterson never forgot us, and we never forgot him. His actions showed us that he was an even better person than he was a coach…which was pretty good in itself. Coach Peterson has been elected to five coaching halls of fame.” Ralph was inducted into the Lourdes Sports Hall of Fame in 2016.

James & Bunnie Powers Scholarship - This scholarship was established in memory of James Powers and in honor of his wife, Bunnie in 2008. The Powers are, and continue to be, active members and leaders of the Catholic community in Rochester. James was a 1946 Lourdes High School graduate. He was an energetic and effective member of the Rochester community, and served as an alderman and also on many nonprofit boards. His father, Joseph, was one of the founding members of St. Francis of Assisi parish. Bunnie has also been a long time volunteer in the St. Marys Hospital Auxiliary.

Premier Bank Scholarship - Premier Bank Rochester has been part of the Rochester community since 1990. Throughout that time they, along with Chairman Donald B. Regan, have been committed to support faith-based organizations in the area. The entire family of Premier Banks has a strong appreciation for education, which led to the formation of the Premier Banks Scholarship in 2014 to support faith-based education for children with financial need.

Premier Banks was presented the President’s Award at the Lourdes Foundation 2014 Annual Meeting. When asked why they chose to so generously support the students at Lourdes, they said, “We consider it an investment in our community. Our children are the finest investment we can make. The scholarship may open a door for a student who may not have had an opportunity to attend Lourdes.”

Mary and Gerald Price Family Scholarship - Gerald Price moved to Rochester in 1959. Gerald was a 1961 graduate of Lourdes High School and a 1965 graduate of the University of St. Thomas. Mary was a 1966 graduate of St. Mary’s School of Nursing. Gerald and Mary raised 4 children: Chris, Brian, Jeff and Lisa. All 4 children graduated from St. John’s Grade School, Lourdes High School ad the University of St. Thomas. Gerald and Mary have been active members of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, both having served on the Parish Council. Gerald has also served on the Lourdes Foundation board, as has his son Chris.

Kenneth (KC) Reed '72 Scholarship - This scholarship is established by Mr. Kenneth (KC) Reed ’72 to help students attend Lourdes High School. Mr. Reed, a retired Rochester Policeman, is part of a multi-generational family line of Lourdes graduates. KC’s mother, Lois (Nigon) Holland graduated in 1946. KC and Cindy’s son, Connor ’08, went through St. John’s and played football at Lourdes. KC’s siblings, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews are also Lourdes graduates. This scholarship is a way for KC to “pay it forward” into the future.

Sr. Katherine Reichert, CSC Memorial Scholarship - Established by Jerome J. Reichert and Mrs. Helen Restovich, this scholarship honors the memory of his daughter, Katherine Ann, a 1956 graduate of Lourdes High School. The scholarship is awarded to an incoming freshman from St. John’s Grade School.

Rochester Area Knights of Columbus Tuition Scholarship - The Knights of Columbus have a long history of supporting Catholic education. This scholarship, established in 2009 by the Rochester area Knights of Columbus, provides an even stronger connection with the Rochester Catholic Schools and Lourdes High School. Recipients of awards from this scholarship are needy students who might not otherwise have the means to attend Lourdes. The tenets of the Knights are Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism and this scholarship is in direct support of those tenets. This scholarship was begun with a donation from the Rochester Knights of Columbus Donor Advised Fund created after the 2006 sale of the K of C hall built in the 1950’s. The hall was part of the original Rochester council 1013 est. in 1905 (now Harold Gentling Council 1013 at St. Johns Parish). This scholarship also provides future Knights, family members and Councils a vehicle to continue their ongoing support of Catholic education in Rochester through additional donations to the fund.

Nicholas "Nick" Roecker '13 Memorial Scholarship - This scholarship was established in memory of Nicholas Roecker, who attended Holy Spirit Catholic School and graduated from Lourdes High School in 2013. Nick was a member of the Lourdes Eagles football team for five years. He loved being outdoors and spending time with his family, especially his younger siblings and cousins. Nick attended the University of MN-Duluth, where he was interested in philosophy. He died on January 6, 2014.

Nick’s parents, Mary and Bryan Roecker, set this scholarship up in 2016. They stated, “We were fortunate to receive assistance from the Lourdes Foundation to enable Nick and his siblings to attend Holy Spirit and Lourdes. We would like to pay it forward to help others in need.”

Jeff and Michon (Adamson) Schaefer '86 Family Scholarship - Both Jeff and Michon were blessed with the opportunity to receive a Catholic education. Jeff attended Mary Our Queen Elementary School and Creighton Preparatory School in Omaha, Nebraska and the University of St. Thomas. Michon is a graduate of St. John’s the Evangelist Elementary School, Lourdes High School in 1986 and the University of St. Thomas. They have four boys who are also fortunate to be part of Lourdes.

Jacob graduated in 2014 and is majoring in Business/Biology at the University of Notre Dame. John graduated in 2016 and is in the direct admit Physical Therapy program at St. Louis University. Ryan is class of 2018 and Riley 2020. All of the boys actively excelled in sports; basketball, track, cross country, football and Nordic skiing. They were in National Honor Society and enjoyed Kairos, other retreats and the community opportunities afforded them.

We strongly believe in the importance of investing in the future of others and providing others an opportunity to grow and develop into their own best self.

James & Helen Sheehan Scholarship – Established in memory of James and Helen Sheehan, graduates of St. John’s School, the predecessor of Lourdes High School. All six of their children and many grandchildren are Lourdes graduates. Catholic faith and education were extremely important to them.

Dick Sherman Scholarship - Established in 1996 by the Lourdes Foundation in tribute to Dick Sherman for his 31 years of service to Catholic education. Mr. Sherman was a social studies teacher and coach. He was instrumental in starting the girl's basketball team. Mr. Sherman passed away in December, 2015.

Sisters of Saint Francis Scholarship -Established in 1994 by the Sisters of Saint Francis and dedicated to the education of students of diverse cultures.

Richard and Leona Smith Family Scholarship: To honor Dick and Lee's commitment to Catholic education, the Smith's seven children, along with family and friends, created this scholarship.

Mary Stewart ScholarshipEstablished in honor of Mary Stewart whose nieces and nephews are graduates of LHS. Ms. Stewart was a private duty nurse who traveled extensively with her employers.

The Vern and Marge Strauss Memorial Scholarship - In 2001, a scholarship was established by family and friends following the death of Vern. In 2015, the scholarship was renamed the Vern and Marge Strauss Memorial Scholarship in memory of both Vern and Marge.

Vern and Marge were avid supporters of a Catholic education and the core values it represents. All six of their children (Judy '64, Mary '67, Steve '69, Mike '72, Joe '79 and Jon '83) and eight grandchildren graduated from Lourdes High School.

This scholarship is awarded to an incoming junior who graduated from Saint Francis grade school.

The Theobald Family Scholarship - This scholarship was started in 2013 by Isabel Theobald. After the death of her husband James, Isabel raised her four sons as a single mother and they all graduated from Lourdes High School. This scholarship is established in the family name and includes their sons and their spouses; William ’87, Steven ’89 and Genevive, J.Paul ’91 and Roxanne, Joseph ’97 and Lauren. Isabel’s grandchildren from her son Steven and his wife Genevieve are enrolled in Rochester Catholic Schools. Isabel believes in Catholic education because, “you get religion and a great educational background all at once.” She credits the success of her sons to their Lourdes High School education.

Gary Vanselow Memorial ScholarshipEstablished by the Vanselow family in honor of Gary at the time of his death in February 2005. Gary was a remarkable man who placed God and family first in life. His kindness will long live in the hearts of those he touched. To see the history of the Vanselow Scholarship, click here

The Vanselow Family Scholarship - In 2016 Teresa chose to begin a new scholarship that will be awarded to an elementary student in Rochester Catholic Schools. The need for tuition assistance at this level is great. Teresa worked for fourteen years with elementary students at Holy Spirit and helping students and families in this age group is something she is excited to be able to do. Your loyal support for the Gary Vanselow Memorial Scholarship has assisted over sixteen students to attend Lourdes High School and will continue to be awarded every year going forward. Thanks to your generosity, we are able to start this new scholarship which truly makes a critical difference for students and their families.

Walters Family Scholarship Established by Rod and Betty Walter’s children, Terry Walters, Greg Walters and Denise Marino, who attended St. John’s School.

Amy Jean Wentink Memorial Scholarship - Established in 1993 by Mr. and Mrs. William S. Wentink to honor their daughter, Amy, who died in 1982 and would have been a graduate of the Class of 1994.

Kathleen Wentink Krenz Memorial Scholarship - Established in 1993 by Kathleen’s parents and spouse to honor Kathleen, a 1956 Lourdes graduate.

William P. & Jeanette E. Wentink Memorial Scholarship - Established from the estate of Mr. and Mrs. William P. Wentink.

James A. Wheelock Memorial Scholarship Established by Jim’s father to honor his son’s memory and give back to the Lourdes community. Jim was a 1972 graduate who was killed in an accident in the fall of that year. He was an all-around athlete and the first goalie for the Lourdes hockey team.

Irene H. & Dr. Lloyd M. Williams Memorial ScholarshipEstablished in 2002 through a bequest of the estate of Dr. Lloyd M. Williams, this scholarship is given to a Lourdes High School graduating senior who intends to pursue a career as a teacher. Irene Williams was a Lourdes graduate, and both Dr. and Mrs. Williams indicated their pride in the caliber of students at Lourdes high School.

Woodruff Family ScholarshipEstablished by James Sr. and Mary Woodruff in 1998 to honor their family. All eight of their children and several grandchildren are graduates of Lourdes High School.

Ronald and Diane Yanish Family Scholarship - This scholarship was fully funded in 2011.

“We believe that our children are the future, and we want to help make a Catholic education at Lourdes affordable and accessible to all,” Ron Yanish

Ron and Dianne Yanish have been wonderful supporters of Rochester Catholic Schools. Their philanthropy has helped create opportunities for so many in our Catholic community and in the Rochester area community as a whole.

In addition to being long time members of Lourdes Foundation’s Legacy Society, Ron and Dianne have created the Ron & Dianne Yanish Family Scholarship. This scholarship will make it possible for high school students in need of tuition assistance to receive a Catholic education at Lourdes. Like all endowed scholarships through Lourdes Foundation, this scholarship will continue to provide tuition assistance as long as Lourdes High School exists! Ron explains his motivation to assist Lourdes students by saying “both Dianne and I believe in the passage ‘much will be expected of those to whom much has been given.’

Susanne Zeman Memorial Scholarship - Established in 1983 by the Ray Zeman family in honor of Susanne Zeman, an avid supporter of Lourdes athletics and activities. She was an outstanding sports fan who attended countless events.