Give to a Scholarship

Make a life changing difference for a student and their family by starting a new scholarship or giving to an existing scholarship!

New Scholarships

You can choose to create an endowed scholarship that will be awarded every year going forward.

Endowed Scholarships

It is easy to start an endowed scholarship. Your scholarship can be set up in the name of a loved one or your family. You can start an endowed scholarship with any amount.

The minimum to award a scholarship is $10,000. The annual award is based on the earnings in the calendar year. In recent years, this has been 5%, so a $10,000 principal would yield a $500 award. We encourage that scholarships grow to at least the $15,000, where a 5% award would be $750.

Many scholarships grow through annual contributions from the families who started them. Sometimes gifts are doubled with a company match program. Scholarships established after January 2016 have the option to be for elementary students, Lourdes High School students, or across the board of elementary through high school.

You will have a number of choices when starting a new scholarship in addition to naming it. You may choose the criteria of the student who receives your award each year. While all scholarships go to students with demonstrated financial need, you may set additional criteria. We will also ask you to create a short write up about the reason you established this scholarship.

Please contact Lourdes Foundation office at 507-424-1817 to inquire about how easy it is to set up an endowed scholarship.

Existing Scholarships

Named Scholarships

The first endowed scholarships were set up in the 1980s, and today more than 110 named scholarships are provided through endowed donations given to the Lourdes Foundation.

The principal remains untouched and the earnings are awarded each year to students in need of financial assistance. These scholarships grow through the annual contributions from the families and friend who started them, as well as through generous donations from others like you.

All scholarships that were set up before 2015 will continue to be awarded to Lourdes High School students. Scholarships set up after January 2016 will have the option to be for elementary students, Lourdes High School students, or across the board of elementary through high school.

Rochester Catholic Schools Tuition Aid Endowment Fund

We all know about the challenges of the affordability of Catholic education and this endowment will help address that issue.

Started through the generous gift of $250,000 from an anonymous donor, this fund will have a significant impact on Catholic education in Rochester long into the future. This fund provides tuition aid across the Rochester Catholic School system.

Lourdes Foundation will seek to grow this fund through contributions of others who want to join in the vision of keeping a Catholic School educationaffordable for all.

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