Memorial Gifts and Obituaries

A tribute or memorial gift is a generous and thoughtful way to recognize a person’s life and accomplishments!

Lourdes Foundation will send a letter to the honoree or family of the deceased notifying them of your thoughtful gift. The amount of the gift is not stated. Please include their address with your gift or online gift information.

Through Lourdes Foundation, you can create a legacy that reflects the values of the individual and generate positive change in Catholic education. A memorial gift is a thoughtful and generous way to honor a friend or loved one.

Obituary Guidelines

Suggested sample language:

Memorial gifts may be directed to Lourdes Foundation.

Memorial donations may be made to Lourdes Foundation to support Catholic education.

The family suggests memorial gifts be directed to Lourdes Foundation.

If your family already has a scholarship or would like to designate memorial gifts to a specific area or scholarship such as the Rochester Catholic Schools Tuition Aid Endowment Fund, the following is suggested language.

Memorial gifts may be made to Lourdes Foundation to support the (Name of fund) Scholarship.

Memorial gifts may be directed to Lourdes Foundation designated to the Music Endowment.

If you would like to set up a scholarship, the process is simple. Memorial gifts will be held until you have time to meet with the Executive Director Lynn Farrell to set up the scholarship.

Memorial donations can be made online at, by phone (507-289-2584), or by check to Lourdes Foundation. Please indicate in the notes or memory field the name of the honored individual.

Mail to:
Lourdes Foundation
1710 Industrial Drive NW
Rochester, MN 55901

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